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Re: EDP loop capture

On Dec 25, 2010, at 1:20 AM, andy butler wrote:

>> My experience is that the useful range for the volume controls seems to 
>be pretty limited. Does that match with your experience as well? My guess 
>is that the LP1 interprets the volume control linearly when it should 
>probably treat it logarithmically (more or less). Or maybe I just haven't 
>tweaked the configuration on one end or the other appropriately?
> It actually *is* logarithmic.
> ...but in the range 0..127 over half the range is effectively inaudible.
> In practise, where you have a mix of sounds the simple answer
> of making volume control linear works really well.
> As a workaround, there's a parameter to set:
> Menu>Volume Minimum
> putting that at 60 makes things more usable.

Hmm. Okay so bad guess on my part as to which direction it was off. I 
should have plotted the curves.

I'd played with minimum volume before, but hadn't hit on the right level. 
-60 seems to work quite well. Thanks.