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Re: EDP loop capture

Mark Hamburg wrote:
> On Dec 23, 2010, at 1:09 PM, andy butler wrote:
>> fcb1010 using Note-On for edp, and ProgCh for LP1.
> One problem I've noticed with some MIDI controllers with respect to 
>ProgCh is that they can be overly helpful by not sending the change if 
>you are already on that program. (At least the specs on some of them read 
>that way.)

true, can't remember if the fcb does that,
usually it's something that's user configurable.
Could always use CC instead.
>> I wonder though, if you'd find it easier/better to stick with the EDP 
>and use a larger MoreLoops param and explore SwitchQuant=Cnf
> I generally used my EDP set to a couple of loops. What I've discovered 
>though is that I do like to set up a steady pulse on a separate looper. I 
>could just use the Looperlative for that -- eight stereo tracks makes for 
>a lot of interesting mixing and matching of pulses -- but I was thinking 
>it might be nice to be able to spontaneously say "hey, this EDP loop is 
>cool, let's keep it going in the background".

sounds pretty much like what I do with just the edp set to SwitchQuant=Cnf

> The feature I probably miss most from the EDP on the Looperlative 
>(besides I think preferring the EDP time readout though neither feels 
>really ideal in that regard) is Multiply. When improving, I like to drop 
>into multiply mode without thinking about how long I'm going to play for. 
>The Looperlative either wants me to specifically extend the loop by a 
>certain amount or I need to use Sync Record on a new track which works 
>but then I'm back to building layers as opposed to evolving loops.

You need to use Sync Bounce.