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Re: Great Quote about Looping by Brian Eno

When I was in school, there was a theater group that espoused an anarchist 
philosophy and was very concerned with not trampling anyone's artistic 
vision. The result was that they would put on evenings of short one-act 
plays that a professor accurately described as "30 minutes of good ideas 
crammed into three hours". At some point, editing becomes critical. 90% of 
everything is crap. On the other hand, you may not know which 90% at the 
time, so other ears or eyes or just a distance in time are critical to 
making that analysis. The theater group needed a director who, for the 
sake of the audience, would say "these is good, let's go with it; this 
isn't working."

For me, playing live improvised music is a crapshoot. There are moments of 
beauty. There are also times when I want to apologize to the audience for 
wasting their time.