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Re: New looping video posted; fretless guitar, freeze-verb...

Very nice !
That's a very good idea, i'd like to make some experiments with the envelope follower, it looks like it can bring unexplored fields of interactivity from electronic.
Thanks for sharing !


2010/6/5 Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com>
HI friends,

I just put up a camera to document a new performance setup I like a lot:


The aspects I find inspiring with this new laptop based setup are:

--> Freeze-Verb!
Or even more than "freeze", it actually turns into an increasing -
ultimately self exploding - feedback loop if you stay silent. So you
have to play a note now and then to keep the monster down. Technically
this is achieved by an Envelope Follow function that listens to the
audio input for amplitude higher than a particular gate level and then
sends two alternate values to the reverb unit's feedback parameter: 60
percent feedback when you are playing something and 105 percent
feedback when you stay silent. This freeze-verb circuit was built
inside a Bidule AU plug-in that is hosted on a aux/send channel in
Mainstage. Performing-wise, the pedal tap dancing has more to do with
manipulating the signal path around this freeze-verb system rather
than the Mobius looper.

--> Long live loop!
The first half of the piece is used to create a more than one minute
long loop. This gives no rhythmic elements in the looping and forces
the player to look for rhythm within. Not much live looping "as the
art form" really, more like simply recording something and having it
played back.

--> No beat synced effects!
Oh, there sure could be. But in this musical context only non beat
synced effects are used.

--> Swell.
The Amplitube 3 amp/speaker simulation plug-in has a Swell Pedal
effect that turns out quite nice with string instruments.

--> Seymour Duncan Little '59.
The silent pickup that makes this soft music survive the usual noise
and hum terror ;-)

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen