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Re: Few questions about foot controllers etc.

On 16 Apr 2010, at 15:47, Clifford Novey wrote:

Re: foot controllers/ new Softstep controller-
I just noticed the designer was VP of Gibson/Oberheim in 1992 and was involved with ZIPI and such. http://www.keithmcmillen.com/about/aboutKeithMcMillen.php

very true! here is more about this story:

I see this as something that could potentially extend the possibilities of the EDP far beyond the FCB1010 and even create possibilities that have not previously existed (at least without great customized effort). For example one pad could be rounded insert top, unrounded insert bottom, etc. and even more intricate- all from a single bank/patch. Maybe switch modes on the fly. Set up strings of commands. Access multiple loops and many other commands from a single controller setup avoiding bank switching.

Yes, we thought about this, too! 
I am going to visit Keith the next weeks, so if you have suggestions...
but top and bottom of the same button would just be a less secure variation of using two small buttons close together, no?
I am keen to try that thing...
I have been looking over the midi doc for LoopIV and marking the functions i want to experiment with but dreading having multiple banks on the FCB1010 with diff commands etc. Ideally with Softstep you could program one setup and the time spent learning it would be very worthwhile esp if it contains everything you really want.
The commands I am currently interested in experimenting with are:
SUSToggle Reverse
SUS Toggle speed
SUS unround insert
SUS mute-retrigger
play samp once
mute realign
start point
(some in conjunction w drum mach- some not)