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Few questions about foot controllers etc.

Hey guys-

It has been years since I have been on this list- so first of all greetings to everyone! I have never stopped looping and am glad to see the list is still kicking.

I have been on a "simpler is better" path for some time now. I have been using my PDS8000 and DL4 (though I am really hoping for the day that digital green pile of heaven and hell gets a contender or serious upgrade)- but now I feel like dusting off my EDP for live use. I will be leaving the Repeater at home- I just want a few pedals and my EDP.

In any event the issues I want to address have to do with foot control. I have Loop 4 v1.1 and had my FCB1010 set up to do all sorts of fancy stuff I just cannot think about right now. MUST SIMPLIFY. Now I am thinking I could just use the original controller or a smaller midi controller (ie less than half size of the FCB1010) but the issue with the original controller are the buttons. They are very flaky and always have been- sometimes not registering a press or registering multiple presses when there was only one.

The main functions I really want are on the orig controller (who made the great decision to put "insert" on there??) so if no newer/smaller midi controller is available I will focus on upgrading/modding the original.

So- if anyone has info on a compact programmable midi foot controller or better buttons/mods for the original controller please let me know!

Thanks again-