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Re: OT: Recording Drums - gear selection

Rainer Straschill wrote:

> microphones to use for the drumset (bass and piano can be considered 
> "taken care of").

ok, but I don't know most of those mics


> Note also that of the 9 channels, 2 are better quality 

use those for the overheads, 

> The available microphones (this list is not pre-selected in any way, so 
> don't be surprised what I list here...):
> BD-specific:
> AKG D112

if you want that 80's click, use the 112,
otherwise avoid.
(peak at 4kHz for the click)

> E/V N/D 868
> Sennheiser e901
> others, dynamic:
> Shure SM57 (3)

that's v.popular for snare,
( but I don't have experience of that)

> What for the OHs (I'd choose C4s with omni 
> Studio Projects C4 (2) (matched pair) - these come with omni and 
> cardioid capsules

I don't know the mics, but as they're a stereo pair and you like them.
I'd go for cardioid to get a full stereo.
Might be worth trying the Rodes.

> I think we all know about that minimum stereo config (and stereo is a 
> requirement for me) of 1xBD, 1xSD and 2xOH...which still gives us 5 free 
> channels (in the "small" setup): Toms with the Opus87? Additional 
> bassdrum e901? And another mic on the hh or ride (which one, and which)? 

it's very unlikely you'll need a mic on the ride, actually the 
trick is not to get too much cymbal in the OH.

mic on the HH is useful as you bring up the snare and kick.

>Does it make sense to have an 
> additional pair of "trashy overheads" (SM57), 

(no reason not to try ;-)

my wildcard suggestion would be kick drum mic from the pedal side.