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digitech DL8 (vs boss dd7? etc)

Could you explain in short how the dl8 works, what its highlights are?
My biggest question: can you turn the "time" knob and get that varispeed
effect like with the old Digitech PDS/RDS delays or the SMM w/Hazari in
loop mode?
honestly (& take my opinions w/ a grain of salt-i'm no "i can hear the difference in 9 volt batteries" kind of guy-ha!) the DL8 is similiar in most regards to the dd7
can it do the varispeed time shifts-no, sadly, but it warps the sound better than most other long delays that i've played w/-i HATED the boss dd20 b/c it's delay time manipulation seemed futile to me (yes, it could do 23 sec, but....). when you have 8 sec delay & zip it to 2 sec it gurgles/warbles the sound, and then when i like to do is then play something over the warble-to my ear-the sound is not really what you originally played accurately slowed down or sped up, it's just digital warbles/gurgles. but i find it usable (more usable than my old digidelay/dd20/dd7)...i should point out that i did think the ibanez de7 did a nice variaspeed fast/slow/slow/fast-but it's delays were only 2.8 sec and i think the most repeats i counted were about 10 (no infinite), but it's fairly cheap pedal (60$ new)-i used it a TON for a # of yrs, probably should have kept it, b/c i would use it and dump the results to a sampler (oh well)...
but man for that varispeed manipulation-the eh-smm w/ h-is AWESOME, and i've yet to look at the manual! it is quite the quirky d