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Re: videos and music and music sales

This is like the most funny email I read in ages.... and sooo right. ;-)

Anyone seen Jon Brion doing his friday shows in Largo lately? He's doing 
some really interesting video/music triggering with his looping..




> Oh come on.. whats all this bollocks about visuals taking away from the 
>music.. What it does is takes the focus away from some slightly podgy 
>balding muso twiddling knobs and staring at a laptop, cos it fits 
>thankfully in a genre where one isnt expected to leap about and go "Hello 
> Lets face it, our music is pretty challenging, but we LOOK fucking 
> If you are so serious a musician that you are worried that people won´t 
>listen to your poly-rhythms quite right or hear your subtle overtones or 
>contemplate the spiralling-morphic nature of the series of 
>ever-intertwining sound tones.. then you shouldnt be playing live at 
> Of course visuals add something to the music, but the same can be said 
>of Lights, dancing, beer, or a bad PA. 
> Myself, I have done shows where the visuals were MADE by the music, Ive 
>done shows where the singer was on video (My 80s bands technique 
>actually, drum-machine left audio and singer right audio and video) Ive 
>played along to old Black and White films, and my own films and Ive 
>played films backwards... 
> Unfortunately I cant seem to do much about fat tummy, the grey hair and 
>I think my stage diving days at the end of the set days are sadly over...
> mark..