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Re: Subject: Re: another foot-controller("CLICK")

Wow. I just push the buttons with my feet. Works everytime.
On Dec 5, 2009, at 2:23 PM, van Sinn wrote:

> If by "FCB" you mean so say FCB1010 switches are comfi, I beg to  
> differ:
> To be sure they engage right at the right time, I have to step on  
> them on the frontedge.
> Because they're hinged, stepping on the mid part isn't reliable,  
> and my foot tends to follow the signalstream from my brain, which  
> relies on an optical image of the hinged rectangular button, fed to  
> it by my eyes.
> In this special case (i.e. me), interpolated pattern recognition  
> just doesn't do it :D
> I'll take nice pointy metal buttons any day!
> BTW, do the ones referred have a clearly 'felt' activation point?
> Chris Sewell wrote:
>> FCB?
>> On Dec 4, 2009, at 5:08 PM, Loaf citious wrote:
>>> I have really enjoyed the metal switches I got from Brittish Audio
>>> Service.  Used them to replace the little red buttons on the EDP  
>>> foot
>>> controller.  Haven't had one glitch since and I loves the feel  
>>> for my
>>> Fred Flinstone feet! (No Clicks!)
>>> AG
>>> I hope some day a manufacturer will understand the market  
>>> potential of
>>> a controller with smooth switches that don't *CLICK* when you  
>>> step on
>>> them.
> -- 
> rgds,
> van Sinn