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Re: Attaching Boss RC-50 to Sound System

Cool Thanks.  That's kind of what I thought.  Although Sweetwater told
they weren't balanced.  Oh, well, it seemed to be working and sounding ok.
 Just wanted someone to back up my thinking.

thanks a lot

> Quoting baub@baub.com:
>> Howdy, all, this is my first post!
>> Normally when my band plays I just run a mono 1/4 inch cable from
>> the output of the looper
>> to our sound system.  Nothing elaborate just a powered mixer head.
>> But sometimes we play on bigger stages with a sound crew/PA.  Should
>>  I just use a 1/4" to
>> XLR adapter to hook to the PA or should I use a direct box?
>> Thanks in advance
>> Baub
>> www.baub.com
> Use a 1/4" TRS to Male XLR and you should be ok.  The RC-50 has
> balanced outputs.
> You most likely won't need a direct box.
> -- Kevin

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