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Re: Bright Light Synced to Loop Tempo

Do you think the edp could trigger a a roland 660 drum machine to   
produce an audible click of the tempo set by the edp's midi clock?

Also do you think the tempo light on the drum machine would activate -  
flash... that would solve it!


On Oct 6, 2009, at 11:31 AM, Florian Anwander wrote:

> Hello Todd
> Todd Quincy schrieb:
>> yes, let's hear it.!
>> Following the drummer who is following the looper is the real idea.  
>> I was just trying to make it more natural and less intrusive to the  
>> drummer.
> I recommend NOT to use light as a click. There are two reasons.
> * Steady flashing produces stress for your brain, while a steady  
> sound click is perceived as music and rhythm.
> * The brain reacts much slower on light than on sound. It is much  
> more difficult for the drummer to play in sync with a steady  
> flashing (if he is able at all) than with a audio click. Simply try  
> once dancing to the rythm of a stroboscope, and you will know what I  
> am talking about.
> I don't know your musical circumstances, but I recommend to use a  
> central master MIDI clock, and distribute clock this to the various  
> gear, that shall be in sync. We[*] use a Roland SBX-80 for this  
> task. For you a simple old drummachine might be better, because the  
> drummer could use it as click at the same time.
> Florian
> [*]www.sphericlounge.de www.ambiosonics.de

Todd Quincy,
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