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Re: intercontinental looper transport questions

always keep the power cable together with your gear. you might have to 
power up going through security.

Michael Peters schrieb:
> (2nd attempt - the first posting didn't appear on the list for some 
> we had this topic a while ago but I forgot what the experts said - in a
> little more than a week, I'll put my small electric guitar and my windows
> notebook in my hand luggage, plus some additional gear in my suitcase, 
> will enter a plane from Germany to the US. Some weeks later after Y2K9, 
> take the same stuff back to Germany. What do I have to do to avoid any
> potential problems with customs? what kind of problems can be expected? 
> June I had taken the same gear from Germany to Rome and back, and there 
> no problems at all, but I'm not sure if the US customs (and back into
> Germany from there) will also be so easy.
> -Michael