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Re: Just received my Boomerang III yesterday

Hi Jim,

No midi sync as of now. It does have 2 mysterious "Pedal Link" jacks which 
right now are used only to accept a midi upload of the host software. They 
look just like midi jacks.

I don't think they are intending to market it with midi sync capabilities, 
but it does look like those jacks leave open all sorts of future 
possibilities. In the manual they hint at future expansion capabilities 
those jacks.

I have no idea whether it's technically feasible to develop midi sync for 
those in the future.


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> Hello Brian,
> I'm curious about how well, if at all, the Boomeran III can midi sync 
> a drum machine or other device.  I use the Gibson Echoplex and Lexicon 
> Jamman primarily because I require the midi in/out for midi sync with my 
> other machines.  I suppose I can look on the website for this info.  I 
> believe the Boss RC-50 also has midi sync but it doesn't work well 
> according reports. Maybe that's changed although off topic I know.
> Congrats on your new Boomerang III!
> Thanks,
> Jim