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Re: Just received my Boomerang III yesterday

Hello Brian,

I'm curious about how well, if at all, the Boomeran III can midi sync with 
drum machine or other device.  I use the Gibson Echoplex and Lexicon 
primarily because I require the midi in/out for midi sync with my other 
machines.  I suppose I can look on the website for this info.  I believe 
Boss RC-50 also has midi sync but it doesn't work well according reports. 
Maybe that's changed although off topic I know.

Congrats on your new Boomerang III!



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Subject: Just received my Boomerang III yesterday

>I just took delivery on a brand new Boomerang III yesterday. Here's my
> impression:
> First, this is a "pre-production" unit. That means that playing multiple
> loops together is not implemented yet, except for using loop 3 as a 
> "Master"
> loop, in which case you can slave the other 3 loops to it.
> The unit arrived in absolutely perfect shape cosmetically. It looks a lot
> nicer than it does in the pics on the site, and it is much smaller in 
> than the Boomerang II. In fact, I was surprised how small it is, yet it 
> large enough to have plenty of room around each button.
> The buttons are the same that are used on the old 'Rang. I think these 
> perfect for a looper because they are very flat, low-profile and they 
> a
> minumum of throw distance. All this helps in timing, IMO.
> Sound quality wise, I find the fidelity to be supurb. The recorded loops
> sound exactly like the original signal through my Hartke acoustic amp. 
> input level is very forgiving and I have yet to see any clipping at all. 
> The
> unit handles all that internally (no switches and no input knob). The 
> sound
> is clean and clear even when playing 9 or 10 layers simultaneously. The
> volume controls, which are mechanically detented, change the levels in 
> very
> fine increments, not in perceptable steps. This is a real plus. I'm able 
> to
> dial in the exactl levels I need for the loop playback.
> Undo and redo works perfectly. There are no audible dropouts or seams
> between loops. I play one song with a 2.3 second loop, and unlike many
> modern loopers which have a minimum of 5 seconds or more, the Boomerang
> handles those super-short loops with ease.
> I'm really trying hard right now to find something to complain about in
> order to make this a fair, balanced review, but I'm hard-pressed to come 
> up
> with anything. Certainly as I use it I will think to myself, "I wish it 
> had
> this or that feature", but let me tell you guys, right out of the box, 
> this
> looper is an absolute monster with some real teeth.
> Brian


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