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Dr-880 and Echoplex Synch Issues

Hi everyone,
I am having some issues synching my Boss DR-880 with the a my Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro Plus running LoopIV v1.1 software.  I am not sure if I am having a problem or if what's happening is normal.
I have my DR-880 Midi Clock set to "Interntal".  I have the Echoplex Quantize set to "Off", Sync Parameter set to "In", and 8ths/Cycle set to "8" respectively.
I then restart my drum pattern by changing presets back and forth to ensure the internal clock is reset properly.  I've heard on Boss Drum machines that the clock can get messed up if you don't change the patterns back and forth.  I then start the Drum machine.  I can see the Echoplex picking up Looptime and a little green LED picking up the tempo.  At this point all looks great.  I then proceed to record a 1 or 2 measure guitar pattern.  When finished everything is in "perfect" synch.  I then solo over the top of my jam for about 2-3 minutes.  It is at this point that I start to "FEEL" like the beat and guitar part is drifting slightly.  In fact, it sounds like the pattern may even be fading.  ( Note that throughout my looping, I have the Feedback set to "100%" which is 127 I believe. )
Thus a question for Echoplex users.  How long can one expect the drum machine and loop to stay in synch?  Is it normal for the loop to fall apart after 2-3 minutes?
One other point.  When I detect a slight "out of synch" feeling, I usually tap the "Next Loop" on beat one and it synchs the loop back into position.  Thus I can continue the jam and people won't notice the loop drifting.
Basically, I am not sure why the loop is in perfect time ( it sounds that way ), and then shortly thereafter drifts.  I should also note that when I substitue my Echoplex for my Lexicon Jamman it works awesome. 
Thanks for any info or insight into this problem.