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RE: OT: footswitch in "tuner out"

 Yep that's correct M.    Korg DT-7 and a momentary footswitch, there may 
other tuners this works with too but the DT-7 has an actual mute jack.
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At 8:30 AM -0700 8/15/09, ditch wrestler wrote:
>I think it was a while back that somebody said by putting a latched 
>or unlatched footswitch into an effect pedal's 'tuner out' plug 
>would act as a kill switch, muting all that was going through the 

I think I know the trick you're talking about, and you're having 
trouble finding it (I think) 'cause a couple of your details are 

I believe you're referring to a trick discovered by our own William 
Walker while using one of the Korg tuners.  There are a couple of the 
Korg models that have an input for a pedal to be used as a "Mute" 
switch.  You can attach a unlatched footswitch (like a Roland 
FS-series switch) into this connector and use it as a 'killswitch' to 
create your own gating effects.

I'm sure that if you search back for Bill's posts looking for "Korg 
tuner" you'll probably find the thread you're searching for....

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