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RE: OT: footswitch in "tuner out"

At 7:28 PM -0700 8/15/09, William Walker wrote:
>  Yep that's correct M.    Korg DT-7 and a momentary footswitch, there 
>may be
>other tuners this works with too but the DT-7 has an actual mute jack.

Korg DT-7: that's it!  It was 4 in the morning when I posted that 
last reply, and I was too tired to go downstairs and check the model.

And if I didn't already say it when you first posted that tip: thanks, 

I'd been just about to the point of trying to kludge together 
something similar myself, and I tend to burn things when I plug in a 
soldering iron -- myself, the cat, the house down, etc.  But I was 
able to find a DT-7 that was NOS in a local music shop (they've 
recently been discontinued, I'm afraid).  So a heartfelt "thank you" 
from both myself and my fire insurance company is quite in order.  :)

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