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Re: anti-looper bigots

(rant alert)

Yeah don't get me started on that Ken Burns documentary...  How can
you leave out Frank Rosolino and J.J. Johnson from the history of
jazz...  It's like leaving out the trombone entirely... which is what
they did...  They mention Kid Ory, showcase Jack Teagarden (singing
not playing his horn), do a small piece on Glenn Miller (as a great
band leader) and we hear some snippets from Dorsey...  But really, all
great jazz comes out of saxophones and trumpets?  The real insult
comes at the very end of the film when we get a roll call of all the
great players carrying on the torch, and not one of them a trombone
player...  I could name at least half a dozen great players right now
that deserve some attention, but don't get nearly enough in part
because they don't play sax or trumpet, in fact I will:

Nils Wogram
Wycliffe Gordon
Ray Anderson
Nils Landgren
Lucien Barbarin
Robin Eubanks (check out his looping with his band EB3)

and those are only some players active these days...  leaving out
Frank Rosolino and J.J. Johnson from a comprehensive history of
american jazz is shameful (I wonder if it's because they are both


On Mon, Aug 3, 2009 at 8:56 PM, tEd  KiLLiAn<tedkillian@charter.net> 
> Yep,
> And still takes . . . if you count the general dismissal of his music 
> his electric period by Ken Burns and Wynton Marsalis in Burns' "Jazz"
> documentary.
> Nothing, except maybe Weather Report got much of a mention in the series.
> No Metheny, no McLaughlin, no Corea, no anything tainted with 
>electricity or
> the term "fusion" . . . and most unbelievably no mention of the
> contributions of any Europeans let alone Manfred Eicher and his 
> monumental label ECM.
> It's as though Jazz stopped from the mid '60s to sometime in the late 
> or early'90s when young gentlemen in suits started blowing horns again.
> There still seem to be plenty of style and technology nazis around.
> And there are always plenty of folks to criticize.
> Cheers,
> Ted
> On Aug 3, 2009, at 6:41 PM, Jeff Duke wrote:
>> Don't forget the beating Miles Davis took from the purists when he went
>> electric!
>> Jeff