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Re: anti-looper bigots


And still takes . . . if you count the general dismissal of his music  
during his electric period by Ken Burns and Wynton Marsalis in Burns'  
"Jazz" documentary.

Nothing, except maybe Weather Report got much of a mention in the  

No Metheny, no McLaughlin, no Corea, no anything tainted with  
electricity or the term "fusion" . . . and most unbelievably no  
mention of the contributions of any Europeans let alone Manfred Eicher  
and his wonderful, monumental label ECM.

It's as though Jazz stopped from the mid '60s to sometime in the late  
'80s or early'90s when young gentlemen in suits started blowing horns  

There still seem to be plenty of style and technology nazis around.

And there are always plenty of folks to criticize.



On Aug 3, 2009, at 6:41 PM, Jeff Duke wrote:

> Don't forget the beating Miles Davis took from the purists when he  
> went electric!
> Jeff