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Re: Does Mainstage + Ableton make sense?

In fact, I use Mainstage + Ableton6 + SooperLooper + Max (to record
the whole mess 6 channels in realtime) in a similar way. of course,
i'm not using the ableton looper,

Latency isn't too bad - I have Mainstage getting guitar input directly
from my MOTU and sending output to Jack, which splits and sends  to
sooperlooper and out to the MOTU. you can always adjust the latency of
a looper to work with whatever you want as long as you're not
monitoring your input via the looper, so that's no problem.

The only issues are processing power and memory - my Macbook is kind
of at it's limits on both using a short 64-sample buffer size. but
then again, I'm also using Sooperlooper to send midi clocks to Live to
drive drum patterns that are either audio loops in Live or MIDI Clips
that are getting sent BACK to another Mainstage channel to drive
Mainstage drum kits. And i'm also mildly processing and looping
another 2 channels of audio from my guitar synth, and sometimes
capturing/looping additional audio from people I'm playing with. It's
quite sick. And I'm using MIDI Patch back to get MIDI from point A to
point B when it doesn't seem to get there by default.

It actually works fine (except that once in a blue moon SooperLooper
goes nuts with nasty noise and needs to be shut down and restarted,
then the Jack routing patch reloaded - but that is infrequent), tho it
took a long time to get here. Important hint: make an automator app to
start everything in the right order, and don't try to automate the
jack server stuff - that needs manual intervention to be controlled
properly - ask me if you get that far!

On Sun, Aug 2, 2009 at 1:15 PM, Buzap Buzap<buzap@gmx.net> wrote:
> Hi folks
> I'm playing around with Logic Mainstage and was just wandering:
> Is using Mainstage + Ableton 8 a live looping setup that could make 
> The idea:
> - Use mainstage for vocal/instrument fx, amp simulations => pre-loop 
> - Loop using Ableton 8 (possibly add Moebius)
> - Add post-loop fx in Ableton (i.e. filters, time fx...)
> Would does it make and does it work (cpu? routing? latency?) ?
> thanks
> Buzap
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