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Re: Boss looper contest in Germany

Great inside the loop joke Ted.

On Fri, July 31, 2009 6:48 am, Teddy Kumpel wrote:
> ahhhh yes, looping as an olympic sport !!!!
> awesome
> play by play by announcers talking quietly like at a gymnastic event
> BORIS: "yes, here's ****... of Hannover, he's been looping for 3 years
> now and comes from a beat box, singing and classical ukelele background.
> oooooh, he started off strong with a nice reggae beat, after tapping
> in the tempo himself... a lot of the younger looper are using tap
> tempo I noticed Jim, whereas the older loopers are used to setting it
> manually in a menu...."
> JIM: "yes, I've noticed that too... something about the new equipment,
> oh, he's added a fine ukelele skank part with phase shifter, a little
> lagging time offset in the hip hop tradition, the judges are going to
> like that.... ah yes, you see Ricoloop grinning..."
> BORIS: "yes, Ricoloop, the undisputed champion of looping here in
> Germany, one of our judges today.... oooooooooooh, he's added a nasal
> bass and a counter melody on distorted ukelele simultaneously, that's
> gotta count for extra points with the judges"
> JIM: "yes, in the rules of olympic looping the more elements you add
> in one pass the more points you get, especially if you make it so you
> can turn them off later individually..."
> (10 minutes later)
> BORIS: "he seems to be going for the big end build up now with the
> later multiple vocals.... ouch, he hit one bad note there... or is he
> intending to go for aeolian mode over the dominant chord structure
> he's set up... let's see how he gets out of it"
> JIM: "ya, the judges don't really care about harmony here, they're
> more concerned with the smoothness, execution and difficulty level...
> but it look as if he's saved it BORIS"
> BORIS: "oh yes, he, slipped the major third back in... what finesse...
> I think that should count for extra foresight points... and he's
> playing a little riff..AND AND AND.... wow... great ending, with a
> nice reverb blast final chord... a good showing by *** of Hannover...
> let's see what the judges have to say"
> etc.....
> Teddy
> On Jul 31, 2009, at 3:26 AM, Michael Peters wrote:
>> http://www.loopercontest.bossmusik.de/