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Re: Boss looper contest in Germany

ahhhh yes, looping as an olympic sport !!!!

play by play by announcers talking quietly like at a gymnastic event

BORIS: "yes, here's ****... of Hannover, he's been looping for 3 years  
now and comes from a beat box, singing and classical ukelele background.
oooooh, he started off strong with a nice reggae beat, after tapping  
in the tempo himself... a lot of the younger looper are using tap  
tempo I noticed Jim, whereas the older loopers are used to setting it  
manually in a menu...."

JIM: "yes, I've noticed that too... something about the new equipment,  
oh, he's added a fine ukelele skank part with phase shifter, a little  
lagging time offset in the hip hop tradition, the judges are going to  
like that.... ah yes, you see Ricoloop grinning..."

BORIS: "yes, Ricoloop, the undisputed champion of looping here in  
Germany, one of our judges today.... oooooooooooh, he's added a nasal  
bass and a counter melody on distorted ukelele simultaneously, that's  
gotta count for extra points with the judges"
JIM: "yes, in the rules of olympic looping the more elements you add  
in one pass the more points you get, especially if you make it so you  
can turn them off later individually..."

(10 minutes later)

BORIS: "he seems to be going for the big end build up now with the  
later multiple vocals.... ouch, he hit one bad note there... or is he  
intending to go for aeolian mode over the dominant chord structure  
he's set up... let's see how he gets out of it"
JIM: "ya, the judges don't really care about harmony here, they're  
more concerned with the smoothness, execution and difficulty level...  
but it look as if he's saved it BORIS"
BORIS: "oh yes, he, slipped the major third back in... what finesse...  
I think that should count for extra foresight points... and he's  
playing a little riff..AND AND AND.... wow... great ending, with a  
nice reverb blast final chord... a good showing by *** of Hannover...  
let's see what the judges have to say"



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