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Re: Guitar to Midi Converter

Thank you all for your impressions and suggestions on Guitar to Midi. As a cheap and easy-to-handle solution I will check out the Peterson Sonuus. If it dont work I still have
the 30 days-money-back option...
Im gonna give you a report soon.
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Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 7:31 PM
Subject: Re: Guitar to Midi Converter

Well, since Ted brought up the GR-1 ...

I've only been using the Roland GK gear for 4 years ... I started with a GK-2 on a Fender Squier and a GR-1 ... because I came to playing electric from classical, I don't seem to have experienced some of the complaints that others have mentioned that are technique-based. I added a GR-20 to the mix about 3 years ago. Again, no problems as being reported here. During that time, I also got a Godin xtSA that has a 13-pin pickup built in to it. Again, no problems.

I flirted briefly with an early Axon, but it was more primitive than my GR-1 and not that close to my GR-20 so I sold it. The sounds were good and I can only imagine that the newer ones are worth the money. Again, I did not experience any issues from the "performance" stand point, just limitations of it being an early model.

Two year ago, I added a GI-20 interface and a Roland XV-2020 to drive it. I am using Roland US-20's to switch between the various components. Because my original GR-1 began to develop seriosu issues with the power supply connection, I acquired another, expanded, one along with a VG-8EX. (n.b., I am underwhelmed by the VG-8, possibly because I am not into "Amp Models" and am looking at sound synthesis ... I may be putting the VG-8 up for sale shortly).

Likewise, since Fripp's name was raised by the original poster, his most recent trip through the US revealed him STILL using the Roland GR-1 ... it's tied into several Eventide Eclipses and other goodies, including the latest Axon synth. He keeps the GR-1 as his primary guitar interface/synthesizer because "he likes its' bell and chime sounds." (Yes, I asked ... ) He is also using the Roland US-20 13-pin switch/pedals. BTW, his guitars on this trip all had the 13-pin pickups built in ... no external GKs.

Conclusions (mine only!): The GKs seem to require some adjustment of technique for some; there is lots of good used Roland and Axon synths out there to be had if one wants to get into polyphonic guitar-driven synthesis. THere are usually a number of GR-20/GK-2 and GI-20/GK-2 packages on eBay on any given day. One advantage of using a GI-20 is that it allows you to hook up ANY other MIDI synth source ... including a Mac laptop running Garage Band ... or setting the GR-1 at #28 allows a "blank" MIDI channel to drive other MIDI synths from the MIDI/OUT plug. Lots of good solutions with a little searching and digging.



On Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 8:11 AM, tEd KiLLiAn <tedkillian@charter.net> wrote:
Hi all,

I've spent several years using Roland GR synth gear and actually have GK pickups on a number of my guitars.

When it comes to tracking, yes there are issues concerning how cleanly one picks and frets the notes on their instrument.

There are also issues from instrument to instrument - no matter how well you set up the hex pickup, some instruments still seem to track slightly better than others.

I think there are some guitars that are just not good candidates for this stuff - but my experience is not extensive enough to say what the factors involved actually are.

Within the last year or two I've added a VG-99 to my kit as well.

In addition to having the all the usual VG advantages (tracking wise) the VG-99 also has pitch-to-MIDI conversion capabilities.

These I have not made use of yet - but they're there as an option.

I still have an old GR-1EX that I have used forever and am very satisfied with.

If I really needed pitch-to-MIDI I expect it would be more convenient to use that.

There are a lot of options out there though from other companies.


Ted Killian