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Re: looper vs storyteller. if there even is

On Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 3:54 PM, Anders Bergdahl <anders_e_bergdahl@hotmail.com> wrote:
But what do we mean when we say that an abstract instrumental peice of music tells a STORY!!

Prethought is what I mean, and is there any.  If there is no prethought, and it's human response to frequencies then to me, it's less a "story" by my definition of it... ie it's not something you thought out beforehand and said "i'm going to present in this specific way via these frequencies and auditory touchings"... in any degree.  It's purely taking a base and seeing where your current feelings take it.  To me, a story is something you can tell even when you're not FEELING that specific story at that specific moment.
It can't really, can it? Can there be meaning in an improvisation??

Meaning yes.  Story... debatable... but I'm thinking, as I define "story", no.  Can there be "a" story in improv?  Absolutely... but more a story that is found, vs a story that one set down to tell.

Is there meaning in a composition? What is the meaning with "green onions" or Bethovens 5th or Kind of blue.

You'd have to ask them.  70% of my "abstract" music has very specific meaning.
A story needs meaning, doesn't it??

Often.  Sometimes it's just wordplay.  Which is more where I see fully improv movements, as a general meaning (there are exceptions).

I wo
But WHY do we feel that some music tells a STORY, there are no narrative elements,

What do you mean no narrative elements?  I think there are fully narrative elements in non word music.
we clearly mean something else than a story in a book, don't we?

Yes, hopefully some of what I'm sharing help s you understand where my questioning comes from.