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WAH WAHS was distortion overdrive fuzz crunc

--Rick said: 
       <and a wah wah pedal, which I"ve never owned> 

to which, Rainer replied: 
      "Seriously, Rick - you're telling us you've actually never owned a 
         pedal? I can't believe it... " 

Rick again: 

Yeah,  isn't that a hoot, Rainer.      I always sort of really disliked 
most rapid shiftings of timbre from 
lo to hi that occur with envelope followers and wah wah pedals to be 

In fact,  I hate envelope followers (or those that I've met in the past). 
My friend John Connell probably thinks I'm nuts as he loves the use of 
those instruments 
in 70's and 80's funk,  but I just don't like them. 

I just think wah wah and envelope followers sound really cheesy, 

that being said,  I can now see how great it would be to have foot control 
of the sweep of timbre on all these distortion pedals we've been talking 

Honestly,   I have sort of noticed that people tend to like more limited 
sweeping bands with wah wahs 
(less extreme)    what ......... 

.............NO WAIT!!!!!.............this has to be a new topic, 

I'll copy this and put it into a new topic.   Hold on: 

one minute later: 

Okay, done. 

Who makes the most extreme wah wah pedal (the greatest tonal range)? 

I understand that a lot of guitarists actually rather like wah wahs with 
less range (like the 
original Crybaby). 

What wahs are out there and what do you all like?