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Re: What's experimental?

Very well put, George ... it may seem a luxury, but if we are to grow we must invest that time in ourselves.


On Sat, Nov 15, 2008 at 11:02 PM, George Ludwig <sfmissionman@yahoo.com> wrote:
Finding time to listen to what you record is key. It's tough, but it pays off. It is very much NOT a waste of time!

If you never listen to yourself, it's very difficult to critique your self well. And if you can't critique yourself properly, you may be repeating things that you don't actually like, without realizing it. And you may not, in general, be playing as well as you think you are.

That was my revelation, in any event.

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George Ludwig schrieb:
> Something I've found to be really helpful is to improvise every day
> and record it.

Whenever I record myself, I face the problem that I never listen to the recording, it seems a waste of time compared to improvising instead...