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Re: Loop software with varispeed

Midi control  (with the option of controllable and preferably from 1/4 
up to extreme range pitch bend capabilities) 
with the greatest possible range  (YEAH!!!!!!   Artifacts)

That would be my dream.

And I'm getting a looping chubby just thinking about it,  Andy.

How damned exciting to even consider it's possibility.

You just made my aesthetic day.

love, Rick

On Thu, 13 Nov 2008 11:14:46 +0000, andy butler wrote
> a quick questionnaire for anybody interested.
> If you were suddenly granted the wish of having varispeed (pitch 
> change with associated tempo change) in your looping device of 
> choice, how would you want it to work?
> (One way would be  to control it by midi note and pitchbend, for 
> instance.)
> Would you want extreme range of control even if it caused digital 
> artefacts in the sound?
> If there were just a few selectable pitches, which would you use most?
> e.g. down an Octave, up a fifth
> Any other dreams?
> andy butler