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Re: AW: AW: Looperlative LP1 for sale in europe...varispeed

 > indeed, the scripting in Mobius appears to be unique,
 > however I don't think the concept is totally new.
 > With devices/software that respond to midi people have achieved
 > pretty much the same ends by programming their midi-controller.

The main difference between Mobius scripts and MIDI sequences is
that scripts can use conditional logic (if/then/else, while, for)
to change their behavior depending on what is happening in the loop.

But yes, the concept of an embedded scripting language is not new.
I put scripting languges into almost everything I build professionally.
DAWs have had them for years, though they usually call them "macros".
Cakewalk's "CAL" is the first one I was familiar with.