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Re: AW: AW: Looperlative LP1 for sale in europe...varispeed

Perhaps interesting to note how technological development affects music.

The pitch change thing was originally a feature of tape loops,
and then with some primitive digital delays.

afaik the first looping device with varispeed was the Electroharmonix 16s 

Those original digital delays were able to do the varispeed by changing 
the the clock
frequency, and hence sampling frequency, of the whole device.

Then came more powerful dsp chips, which had their operating frequency 
locked (by a vibrating crystal),
so varispeed became impossible for a while, because there wasn't enough 
processing power available
to run complex the algorithms which are needed to do varispeed with a 
fixed sample rate.
Although half speed wasn't too difficult. 

These days, we have greater processing power available, and varispeed is 
once again available.

andy butler
indeed, the scripting in Mobius appears to be unique,
however I don't think the concept is totally new.
With devices/software that respond to midi people have achieved pretty 
much the same ends
by programming their midi-controller.
Of course, Mobius takes this further, 
:-) and works with the budget fcb1010

Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill wrote:
>> (none of these have anything to do with the LP1- or EDP 
>> concept. It's a new thing, really)
> Frankly, no. You can do that with the Repeater as well (or with the 
> time machines).
>       Rainer