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Re: Looperlative LP1 for sale in europe...now Mobius

from Mobius website:- 

"The Mobius manual will focus mostly on configuration and how Mobius is 
different than the EDP. Unless otherwise stated, you can assume that 
something described in the EDP manual works the same way in Mobius, and if 
you find otherwise, please let me know. "

When Jeff started out with Mobius, the EDP hardware was not all that easy 
to get hold of,
and there was then no sign/rumour/likelyhood of an official software 
...but what started out as a copy ended up growing in it's own direction,
it never got to be an accurate EDP emulator.

andy butler

Per Boysen wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Short comment on Mobius software looper "being an EDP rip-off":
> The reason I like using Mobius is that it offers looper functionality
> I don't get from my EDP!
> Indeed Mobius started as a programming experiment by Jeff after
> reading the EDP manual. But that was many years ago and Mobius has
> evolved into a rather unique direction since then. I would rather call
> Mobius A SCRIPTABLE LOOPER, since that is what I see as its main
> point.