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RE: Looperlative LP1 for sale in europe


First of all I'm terribly sorry that my last post offended anyone particularly you Jeff, I inadvertently sent this post to the list by mistake. It was intended only for Luis and I didn’t realize on two occasions that My email got somehow routed to LD rather than Luis.   I'm Very sorry,  I know I probably can't undo the hurt feelings I caused yet I will try to do that to each of the people I offended, off list.  Again I'm sorry to you Luis, Bernard and Bob, who at the least I embarrassed by accidently sending this to the list, and mostly to you Jeff as I don't really know you other than on list exchanges and it was not my intent to assassinate your character, or  slander your design. I am no doubt, ignorant as to the genesis of Mobius, as my knowledge of it is second a hand and sketchy at best, and would be happy to be educated on said topic. Or you can just kick my ass, hopefully off list.

I feel like a jerk