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Re: WHUS Radio's Moebius Trips

Joe granted that is probably a great deal of consistent 'quality' material that your show has needed on an on-going way and I'm sure you undoubtly cull down material I'd think for your broadcast but it surprises me that there has not been enough material generated by Mobius users in this community.  I had casually used Mobius but am by no means a seasoned user but I know several among us here are.  Forgive me if I'm amiss but have you promo'd this need for material on this list a lot?  I'd think you woudn't be able to keep them away frankly.  It seems that running a series promoting certainly a wonderful product given freely to the world and then getting current input, seems a shame to kiss it goodbye.  I may be speaking out of turn here, I'm sure other more serious users would respond. I would clearly like to have sent you some trax had I known though as said I felt my efforts with the software were more exploring and were done mostly on the violin which I was experimenting with earlier in the year.  Samples are on the My Space page for what it's worth.
Regardless maybe others will respond and your show will find a new door at some point if desired.  Just thoughts here that may be as said out of turn.
Jim Goodin

On Thu, Sep 25, 2008 at 8:56 PM, Joseph Cavanagh <jmacavan@cox.net> wrote:

As the fall schedule gets under way at WHUS-FM, I have aired the last
edition of my live-looping show 'Moebius Trips.'  I enjoyed producing and
presenting the show and sharing this music with my listeners.

I am truly grateful to those members of Looper's Delight who supported the
show by donating their recordings.  Sadly, I could not acquire enough
material to sustain my programming.  Even with the additional music I
purchased at my own expense, I could not achieve the variety and the
consistency I believe necessary to keep a weekly show fresh and interesting.

Best wishes for the future of Looping.

Joe Cavanagh
Producer 'Moebius Trips'
WHUS Radio

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