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re: Electric Ouds

Tim wrote:

"Not the bouzouki he's playing in the opening part, nor the Weissenborn 
he's playing later, but the Najarian electric oud he's holding during the 
interview: it has no frets..." 

Doh!!!!     It always helps to watch everything to be well informed.

That'll teach me to try to participate on this list while I'm in the thick 
of coordinating and publicizing this looping festival.

LOL,  that's two Walker brothers gaffs in a single day..........
it makes me both cringe and chuckle fondly at the thought of a farm league 
baseball game that Bill and I both lost in one play for our previously 
leading team 
when we were little boys.    The Walker Brothers will shine again, 
stay tuned for NEW DELTA at the Y2K8 Loopfest!!!!


ps  I'm incredibly lucky to have had David invites us up to play with him 
at a 
music festival in Santa Cruz a few years back.     My dear friend, 
Debhashish Battycharya, 
and I had just done a completely improvised duet performance right before 
Lyndley took the 
stage with his percussionist.     I had been on the short list to play 
with David 
several years back and went to meet him to discuss it,  but he made his 
decision the day 
before I was to meet with him in Northern California and that was that.   
Fortunately,  his wonderful current percussionist Wally Ingram has beaten 
cancer and is playing with him again.   It was a real treat to sit in with 
him at that show. They were very gracious and fun 
to play with....we rocked it and Debhashish was nothing short of brilliant 
that day.