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Re: EDP Synch with Software DAW's???

On Thu, Sep 25, 2008 at 2:34 AM, David Hayes <stringfling@gmail.com> wrote:
> Apparently, I have the soul of a looper. I worked with EDP's for years 
> just spent the last year trying to learn digital work flow in Ableton 
> and Logic.
> I know little more then when I started and have made no actual music.
> Whereas when I just used EDP's I basically recorded an album a night. 
> it was never good enough to truly be an album it made me happy.
> So... back to Plan A... EDP based live looping using the computer for the
> routing, effects, and drums.
> What I'd like to do is use Stylus RMX for the drums, starting and 
> the parts one foot switch while using another foot switch to switch 
> channel strips loaded with all the sounds/effects I might want (all fed 
> the EDP) and thus overdub all of the other parts using the EDP's record,
> multiply, next loop, etc.
> The thing is, last time I checked (back in the Oberheim days) sych never
> really worked as advertised. And, I find MIDI frustrating in general.  
>So I
> have questions before I dig in....
> 1. Should I slave the software to the EDP or the EDP to the software and 
> does this even work? (Both in terms of step by step how to set it up and 
> terms of how it will dictate how I work---such as always having to start
> with a beat first, etc.)
> 2. Does it Sych actually work now? (I now have the updated Gibson EDP and
> loop software.) Does it really stay locked over time?
> I'm trying to keep things simple this time around.
> Any and all advice, suggestions, instruction, etc., is very much welcome!
> Thank you for your time!!!!


I have also recorded and played live with EDP, Ableton Live and Logic.
(and I'm a RMX fan as well). With both those applications I found it
best to sync the EDP rather than the software. With Live this is
really important since it rounds up the received tempo, which can lead
to the loop being a bit too long or too short for the actual tempo
Live is running in.

I used EDP + laptop with Live 5 on stage many times using MIDI Clock
output from Live, trough a MIDI cable into the EDP. It worked fine for
live playing as Long as I did set the tempo to be played in in Ableton

With Logic 7 I actually had a rig working the other way around, sync
slaving Logic 7 to MIDI Clock. This also worked fine and made it
possible to set the tempo by making a loop (rather than adapting to
the computer tempo). Logic 8 does not support MIDI Clock in slave

I also tried once, in the studio, to use sync pulse with my EDP and
Logic. This also worked fine. What I did then was to play an
improvisation with the EDP while recording the sync pulses into a
Loigic track. I also recorded my instrument sound that was also
driving the EDP, and I was recording my MIDI pedals that I was
"playing" the EDP with to a MIDI track in Logic. After that first
recording I was able to run the sequencer and have Logic send my
original audio playing plus MIDI for the EDP to recreate my looping
improvisation. The point was to assemble different EDP layers as
multiple audio tracks in Logic in order to do a proper multichannel
mix of the music (stereo, effects, pan, dynamically fading levels

As for Stylus RMX I must say that I have tried many times to use it
live, but it has never been stable enough for taking on stage. For
studio recordings I use it a lot though, but always as an add on after
a recording has been done. It's my favorite drum tool for producing
recorded music and I load it up with all kinds of material that I
record myself: guitars, flutes, berimbao, kongoma etc etc. But for
live work, no thanks. Too crashy ;-)

It's difficult to answer the question if "synced EDP and loop software
stay locked over time?" It depends. Best is to try it out and see. I
always keep a realign option for the EDP on a button or pedal, just in
case needed. If you go wild with the unquantized reverse function
you'd need that anyway.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)