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EDP Synch with Software DAW's???

Apparently, I have the soul of a looper. I worked with EDP's for years  
but just spent the last year trying to learn digital work flow in  
Ableton Live and Logic.

I know little more then when I started and have made no actual music.  
Whereas when I just used EDP's I basically recorded an album a night.  
Though it was never good enough to truly be an album it made me happy.

So... back to Plan A... EDP based live looping using the computer for  
the routing, effects, and drums.

What I'd like to do is use Stylus RMX for the drums, starting and  
stopping the parts one foot switch while using another foot switch to  
switch between channel strips loaded with all the sounds/effects I  
might want (all fed into the EDP) and thus overdub all of the other  
parts using the EDP's record, multiply, next loop, etc.

The thing is, last time I checked (back in the Oberheim days) sych  
never really worked as advertised. And, I find MIDI frustrating in  
general.  So I have questions before I dig in....

1. Should I slave the software to the EDP or the EDP to the software  
and how does this even work? (Both in terms of step by step how to set  
it up and in terms of how it will dictate how I work---such as always  
having to start with a beat first, etc.)

2. Does it Sych actually work now? (I now have the updated Gibson EDP  
and loop software.) Does it really stay locked over time?

I'm trying to keep things simple this time around.

Any and all advice, suggestions, instruction, etc., is very much  
welcome! Thank you for your time!!!!