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Its a tuner, its a glitch pedal, its both!

Though I have had my trusty Korg DT-7 tuner for several years now, I’ve only recently been using it for a purpose it wasn’t intended for. It has an extra ¼ jack that you can plug in and on off switch for silent tuning. If you plug in a momentary switch like a boss fs5u, you get a glitch pedal that will give you the ability to create stuttering textures just as fast or slow as your little feet can tap.. I was just using the effect while playing really languid lap steel melodies and the loops I created sounded like a cat with a speech impediment. boss!

 Incidentally another cool pedal that seems to have intriguing possibilities is the new Hot Hand Midi-EXP from Source Audio. This product gives you wireless midi expression control, ( as in a ring controller on your finger and a wireless receiver attached to the pedal) over any device that accepts midi Continuous Controllers, and effects with expression pedal ports like the Eventide pedals, and Line 6 modelers. Imagine being able to use everything from subtle to wild hand gestures to change parameters like delay feedback and pitch shift, rather than being tethered to an expression pedal. Imagine being able to change several parameters at once. Yikes, the mind boggles…