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Re: Its a tuner, its a glitch pedal, its both!

William Walker wrote:
> Though I have had my trusty Korg DT-7 tuner for several years now, I’ve 
> only recently been using it for a purpose it wasn’t intended for. It has 
> an extra ¼ jack that you can plug in and on off switch for silent 
> tuning. If you plug in a momentary switch like a boss fs5u, you get a 
> glitch pedal that will give you the ability to create stuttering 
> textures just as fast or slow as your little feet can tap.. I was just 
> using the effect while playing really languid lap steel melodies and the 
> loops I created sounded like a cat with a speech impediment. boss!
>  Incidentally another cool pedal that seems to have intriguing 
> possibilities is the new Hot Hand Midi-EXP from Source Audio. This 
> product gives you wireless midi expression control, ( as in a ring 
> controller on your finger and a wireless receiver attached to the pedal) 
> over any device that accepts midi Continuous Controllers, and effects 
> with expression pedal ports like the Eventide pedals, and Line 6 
> modelers. Imagine being able to use everything from subtle to wild hand 
> gestures to change parameters like delay feedback and pitch shift, 
> rather than being tethered to an expression pedal. Imagine being able to 
> change several parameters at once. Yikes, the mind boggles…
>  Bill

Thanks BIll.  That hothand thingy looks pretty interesting, just wish 
the ring was a bit smaller..

Product demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95rPQc7x8YU
Guitar demo, with their hothand controlled wah and flanger:
   - Hendrix would've killed for it ;)
   - Looks like good therapy against back problems too..
Chuck (moe) demoing hothand with other gear:

van Sinn