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Re: Monsters of Loop - Bill Frisell

I was just listening to the Naked City complete set again this morning 
actually...such good stuff! A million ideas. There are two versions of 
Grand Guignol on it, actually, one w/Mike Patton doing his "vocalizing" 
thing. I don't think there's too much looping on that tune, but on some 
of the others you can definitely hear Frisell's 16-second EH box.

Daryl Shawn

> Another one I have been listening to is Frisell with Naked City-The 
> Grand Guignol.
> Hard to tell how much looping but alot of very cool stuff by all. 
> Intense! The first half is long compositions with the second half very 
> short tunes of many styles, I mean Many!
> Jeff