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AW: Monsters of Loop - Bill Frisell

> Would anybody have any recommendations?  Should i look at current 
> stuff or older stuff?

Yes, as others said, you should look at both current and older stuff.
Although his ECM stuff is distinctively different (he seems to have been 
#1 sideman on ECM at that time for most of his work). A few albums that 
to mind which no one else has mentioned:

"Before we were born" - his "New York Downtown Scene" album "This Land" -
the old trio (Driscoll, Baron) plus several horn players.
"East West" - something more current, both trio live albums with a nice mix
of standards and originals.

If you were to further reduce my choice to but one album, it would be "This
Land"; to me, on that album he does things nobody else does.