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For Sale: 4-core audio computer, other gear


Due to shifting priorities, circumstances I am selling some great gear.  Before I post to craigslist and ebay,  thought I’d let you know about these items.

Can only ship in the US.   If interested,  please contact me offlist  at  empyrean@oregon.com




1)      Custom ,optimized for audio, 4U rackmount PC, optimized for audio


WindowsXP sp2

2.4 ghz  Intel Quad Core Core2 CPU

2gb ram

3 SATA hard drives:  80gb (OS, apps),  250gb (data),  250gb (data, backup , etc)

DVD RW drive

Memory card slots

FW, USB ports

Radeon X1300 video card

Orig. paid over $2000 ,   in 2007

Asking:  only $975 +shipping  ,    lightweight rack case available

                                Can include Ableton, MaxMSP, Reaktor (registration not transferable)

2)      Gordius LG -  super programmable midi  foot controller - $575

3)      Aphex 204  Aural Exciter  -$95

4)      Bag End TA-6000 time aligned passive speakers  - $385 ea


5)      Stewart Audio 1.2 power amp, 1U convection cooled

6)      May have more …