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Re: New Member - Buying Advice and Opinions Sought

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Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2008 8:02 PM
Subject: Re: New Member - Buying Advice and Opinions Sought

> That is correct, the digi jamman is designed to pre record your backing
> tracks. Its not a live looper IMO. its a phrase sampler.
It's both a phrase sampler and a live looper. Just because it doesn't jump seamlessly between loops doesn't mean that it can't be used live, or that it wasn't "designed" to; it just means that the loop itself is a static, one way sort of thing. . . an obvious limitation when comparing it to other loopers, but still useful in its own way, esp. for beginners . . .
> From: "Rob "Bodhi" Wolff" <Bodhiwolff@comcast.net>
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> Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2008 2:53 PM
> Subject: RE: New Member - Buying Advice and Opinions Sought
>> Thank you for the suggestion!
>> The only issue I might have with the JamMan is that, while on paper it
>> appears that you can have up to 99 loops, it appears that you must stop
>> playback and store each loop before moving to a new one, or your work is
>> erased.  Thus, working live wouldn't work, as you'd only ever be working
>> with a single loop, being unable to stop playback and store.  Or rather,
>> live work reduces the JamMan to a single-loop device, if you see what I
>> mean.
>> However, I could be mis-reading the documentation.  Please correct me if
>> I'm
>> wrong.
>> If anybody has any experience working with the JamMan, I'd appreciate
>> hearing your opinions.
>> //////////////
>> I still keep looking at the Boomerang III (which I know isn't out yet) but
>> the lack of microphone is a deal-breaker for me.  I'm often working with
>> somebody else's setup (with their show) so I couldn't simply bring along
>> my
>> own mixer, etc. and plug back in.  Is there an easy-ish workaround for
>> adding a microphone (which would, by necessity, require a means of
>> switching
>> between mic/inst/both ?)  I guess this question applies to many more
>> products than the Boomerang, as well, since this would bring many more
>> products into possible contention.
>> Thank you to everybody for any advice you can give.
>> ________________________________
>> From: Joshua & Jennifer Easley [mailto:j.easley@msn.com]
>> Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2008 8:42 AM
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>> Subject: Re: New Member - Buying Advice and Opinions Sought
>> Hi Rob,
>> Have you looked at the Digitech JamMan? it has both instrument and mic
>> inputs (presumably you can use them both at the same), and can also be
>> used
>> as an interface for computer recording.
>> The same is true of the GNX4, which may be an even better solution if you
>> want to incorporate effects and amp models into your loops (i.e. make your
>> acoustic sound like an electric). The GNX4 has an integrated "JamMan"
>> looper, different from the above, but in a way better, because with it you
>> can lay down up to 8 mono loop tracks (or 4 stereo), and then disengage or
>> re-engage them by pressing the corresponding track buttons. (For example,
>> if
>> on track 1 you record guitar, vocals on track 2, and some sort of rhythym
>> on
>> track 3, then, for variation, you can press buttons 1 & 2 to silence them,
>> leaving only the third track playing; if you press the same buttons again
>> tracks 1 & 2 will start playing again.)
>> I used the GNX for several years before upgrading to an Echoplex (probably
>> #1 of the "big three" that you referred to). The former has the advantage
>> of
>> being really easy to use, so it's obviously a good way to start. I like it
>> too (and still use it in my live setup) because it's literally an all in
>> one
>> device, thus simplifying the whole potentially complicated routing issue.
>> .
>> --Joshua
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>> Subject: New Member - Buying Advice and Opinions Sought
>>> Hi all!
>>> I'm a new member to the list, and I'm looking to expand my musical style
>> by
>>> getting into looping.  However, I find that my lack of knowledge and
>>> experience with the equipment is hampering my decision-making process,
>>> and
>>> I'm hoping that you all might be able to guide me a little.
>>> I hope I'm not breaking any etiquette by asking for purchasing advice.
>>> If
>>> so, please simply ignore my newbie mistake.
>>> I've tried reading up on the various products, and I tried reading the
>>> reviews up on this site, but frankly I am still mostly in the dark.
>>> Heck,
>>> people keep referring to the "big three", and I'm still not sure which
>> three
>>> they're referring to!
>>> While I'd appreciate any reading lists or advice for suggested reading
>>> you
>>> wish to give, I really think that I'm just going to need to trust the
>>> experts at some point.
>>> So I thought I'd just come out and ask you what you thought I should pick
>>> up, specifically, for my particular requirements.
>>> My needs:  I play almost exclusively live, acoustic guitar and vocals at
>> the
>>> same time, and would want to loop either guitar or vocals or both (or
>> other
>>> instruments through the mike).  As a live player, I'd need something
>>> portable, small, easy to set up, etc. (a rack-mounted unit is probably
>>> inappropriate) and my hands will be unavailable while playing, as a
>>> guitarist.  The loops would need to be at least the length of an entire
>>> verse/chorus combination, so that could run up to 1 minute or more.  As a
>>> live acoustic instrumentalist, it'd be nice if the sound quality was as
>> high
>>> as possible, and if there was little-to-no hiss from the looping unit.
>> It'd
>>> be nice to save a decent loop after the fact (off the unit onto a
>> recording
>>> medium of some sort) but this is far secondary to decent live
>>> performance.
>>> Ease-of-use is a bonus, but I'm expecting a learning curve.  However,
>>> that
>>> being said, the ability to remove the last layer (if a mistake was made,
>>> 'cause I make 'em!) would be a big plus!  Simple effects would be nice,
>> too,
>>> as I own no effects pedals (and feel free to make suggestions there if
>>> you
>>> feel they would enhance things).  I'd want to loop both guitar and vocal
>>> lines at various times, perhaps even looping multiple different loops and
>>> playing them in synch, or in sequence.
>>> I looked at the new Boomerang III specs on a friends' advice, and from
>> what
>>> I could make of it, it seemed that it only loops one input (so I could
>> only
>>> loop the guitar, or the vocals, but not both).  Of course, I could be
>> wrong,
>>> and/or there may be a workaround that is commonly used for this drawback
>> (if
>>> this is a common state of affairs for many looping pedals).
>>> I'm extremely interested in moving forward with this project, but sadly I
>>> just seem to have run into an informational wall that I can't seem to
>> break.
>>> So please, if you have a moment, feel free to share any advice, thoughts,
>> or
>>> suggestions that you wish.  And frankly, if you simpy want to come out
>>> and
>>> say "I'd suggest buying Such-and-such" then that is fine by me!
>>> Thank you kindly for your consideration.
>>> Sincerely,
>>> Rob "Bodhi" Wolff
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