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Re: AW: elec gtr setup - to simplify

> In 20 years, I'll
> probably be such an 
> impatient, curmudgeonly, and irritable old bastard, that
> I'll be able to 
> tolerate only an acoustic guitar.  Stick me on the street
> corner with a 
> stool and I'll do the Derek Bailey thing. Damn
> computers anyway. I love em' 
> and hate em' at the same time. And amps, rack effects,
> pedals, etc...I hate 
> em' too.  Even the guitar is starting to wear on my
> nerves. Maybe I should 
> just move the the hills, drink my home brewed ABSINTHE,
> and play 
> avant-garde bluegrass for the rest of my life :) Hah hah.
> Kris

Fixed for immediate, person relevancy, :)