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Re: AW: elec gtr setup - to simplify

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>I like Krispin's take on the situation. Myself, I took yet another 
>stop using effects, especially distortion. [snip]

Yup. This has crossed my mind before. In 20 years, I'll probably be such 
impatient, curmudgeonly, and irritable old bastard, that I'll be able to 
tolerate only an acoustic guitar.  Stick me on the street corner with a 
stool and I'll do the Derek Bailey thing. Damn computers anyway. I love 
and hate em' at the same time. And amps, rack effects, pedals, etc...I 
em' too.  Even the guitar is starting to wear on my nerves. Maybe I should 
just move the the hills, drink my home brewed Belgian ales, and play 
avant-garde bluegrass for the rest of my life :) Hah hah.