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simplify guitar rig

dear Erdem-
wow that is quite a setup!
a few yrs ago i used to play through a 4-space rack setup (looper +3 multi-effects), and then in front of it i had a bunch of pedals, it was quite a setup, and mine was relatively cheap-mostly used, old gear, etc.
i liked the sound of it and all, but one day i realized i had no space on my desk where i recorded, so i started to downsize and it took me awhile.

i just play at home, but if i had to haul around all that gear, i would have gotten rid of it A LOT QUICKER!!!
my setup now is:
gtr-zoom g2-digitech rp150-ibanez delay (DE-something, it has 3 sec of delay)-behringer tweakilzer-boss rc-20-out to either my small tube amp or direct for recording (which i'm doing less and less of lately....)

my setup i think allows me to get all the weird sound i used to be able to get and takes up much less space. both the g2 and rp150 have some good odd effects that in combo make for some interesting sounds
i think the main thing is to figure out what you can do w/out.
good luck.