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RE: CAE Foot controllers

> But while at the CAE site I noticed they have some foot pedals in
> current production that don't get talked about in the frequent
> discussions of the FCB-1010 and dimensions vs. functionality.

Apart from a $750 price tag, the thing I didn't like about it when I
was researching foot pedals long, long ago was that it appears to use
the same indestructable-but-clanky metal switches used in the Ground
Control Pro and the Rocktron All Access.

These combined with a mostly hollow metal case make the Ground Control
Pro a very noisy beast for low amplification performance or recording.
I've not actually used the CAE so they could be doing some damping to
keep the clank down, but I would make sure there is a good return
policy before buying one.

Otherwise it is a very powerful pedal in a great size.