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Re: Tabletop loopers

Normally, if there is a hardware solution and the person said, "I  
don't want to use a laptop." I wouldn't touch it but I did translate  
the "I'm not a computer guy" phrase with the "Max MSP" bit to mean  
he's not up for trying to build the thing in Max himself.

I'll give a plus one to the Electroharmonix loopers though if you  
want a tabletop solution.  Hell, I'll even go as far as to suggest a  
used Electrix Repeater if you can find one at a decent price on  
Ebay.  Either is going to be less expensive than a laptop, MaxMSP and  
a JazzMutant Lemur.

but but but... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbewC2OPFGA


Truthfully though, when I'm using Mobius it's interface is on a  
separate monitor and to me it's indistinguishable from a piece of  
rack gear being controlled by my Behringer FCB1010.  The FCB1010 is  
dedicated to Mobius as is the monitor.  I've got a second FCB1010  
that only controls Amplitube X-GEAR and KORE 2/Remote25 SL to mess  
with synths.  The only thing that pushed me away from gear (you've  
seen my old rig) is that I discovered "virtual" patching and I can't  
go back to a world without it.

On Aug 20, 2008, at 1:32 AM, Matt Davignon wrote:

> Just teasing, Mark.
> I must have had 10 questions so far this year (mostly on other lists)
> where I said "I'm not looking for software or max patches", and all
> the replies I got were "dude, max patches!" It gave me a giggle to see
> it happen to someone else.
> Yes, most of the stuff in my current rig is a computer of some sort,
> but they're all built to do specific things. I heart my hardware. Even
> though I'm a big fan of computer music, the idea of replacing all my
> gear with a universal tool of awesomeness doesn't appeal to me.
> If all the drum machines in the world were to burst into flames
> tomorrow, I'd find other instruments before I started getting involved
> with dr-660 emulators on my laptop.
> Matt
> Mark Sottilaro was all:
>> From his post it seemed he didn't want to tackle making a looper  
>> in Max MSP.
>>  Anyone who even is aware of Max and the Lemur is already saying that
>> they've got some computer music knowledge.
>> Do you really think your Boss DR-660 isn't a computer?