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Re: Can anyone recommend a good compressor to use alongside an EDP?

Good grief, Per, I could I have forgotten the RNC? I used two of as well. 
take back my recommendation of the DBX, as my memory appears to be shot 
going as I get older. :)  The RNC is a kick butt little compressor, and 
half space. I love those things.


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>I have not followed this thread all through, so please accept my
> apologies if someone should have already recommended the RNC.
> I like my FMR Audio RNC (Really Nice Compressor) very much. Before
> going all laptop I used it as the last unit to balance my final
> outgoing PA mix (merging EDP, Repeater, reverb loop return signal and
> live instrument signal). When using a less powerful laptop I simply
> ran the laptop stereo output through the RNC to give my sound
> transparency and more dynamics.
> Craig Anderton also likes the RNC and writes:
> "I've never heard any compressor produce something like Super Nice
> mode, which was definitely the way to go with program material. The
> effect reminded me of what you get with something like a "loudness
> maximizing" software plug-in, but with more analog character."
> "Bottom line: This box is awesome."
> http://www.fmraudio.com/
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