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Re: Tabletop loopers

This is funny. No matter what list I'm on or which question is being
asked, claims of, "I'm not a software person" always result in
suggestions of software.

Some of us like to be luddites!

Matt Davignon

Rafael Cohen was all:
>> Hi everyone,
>> First post here :)
>> OK, so I have this dream of a tabletop looper that is actually designed 
>> be used _on a tabletop_ and as a looper...

>>...I am NOT a software person....

Then Mark Sottilaro went:

> No problem if you're not a software person.  Someone's done if for you.
>  He's a very nice man, he gives it away for free.
> http://www.zonemobius.com
> Or if you want a more "tape" style...
> http://www.expert-sleepers.co.uk/augustusloop.html
> But that'll set you back $29
> One day I dream of having a Lemur...  but then I remember both my hands 
> usually busy with a guitar anyway.  If only humans were monkeys instead 
> apes we'd have prehensile tails!