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Tabletop loopers

Hi everyone,
First post here :)
OK, so I have this dream of a tabletop looper that is actually designed to be used _on a tabletop_ and as a looper...think: JazzMutant Lemur crossed with Boss RC-50.  The Korg Kaoss pad comes close in some respects, but I don't even use 75% of it's features, and the loops all have to be synchronized, and sometimes I do ambient things where I don't want everything on a grid.  I had a Boss RC-50 for a while, which could do un-synched loops, but the interface wasn't right for me, too big, too many menus, etc...  I know, I know... "Get the Lemur and build it in MAX!" you say, but I am NOT a software person.  My current looping set-up is two Boss DD-20s into a Korg Kaoss pad, and with that I can get a lot of options covered, and even change loop lengths on the fly (albeit with some glitchy distortion), but if I could get a few more layers and few extra features (like changing loop start and end points on the fly, pausing and restarting individual loops in synched or un-synched ways) and all in one box (with a nice multi-touch-screen, prefereably), I would be all over it.  I imagine that in the next few years, multi-touch-screens are going to become more common in music gear.
Anyway, this is all just an enjoyable gear fantasy that is occupying my mind at work at the moment.  I feel like I know most of the gear options out there, but if anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them.  Alternatively, what is your ideal looper?